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Permissible animals /birds have to be slaughtered in a unique way so that conformity of animal welfare is maintained and prior to the death of the animal all the flowing blood is drained out of the carcass with particular emphasis on rendition of Shahadah and Tasmiya at time of slaughtering. Slaughterer should be a able bodied Muslim (licensed and knowledgeable in both hygiene and animal welfare) who would recite shahadah whilst slitting the throat with a sharp knife in one clean swipe (of the front of the neck). Dorsal cuts that severe the spinal cords are forbidden.

The Islamic method of slaughtering is called “Zibah”

Zibah entails cutting the front of the throat of the bird/the animal which includes windpipe, jugular vein and carotid arteries in one clean swipe with a sharp blade. This way bird/ animal goes into a trance and does not feel pain. However with convulsion of the body the flowing blood, which is proscribed to be consumed, is drained out of the carcass. Because of this involuntary convulsion it is thought by some that animal is suffering or pain is inflicted on them. Convulsion in fact produces the squeezing or wringing action of the muscles on the body of the blood vessels, which assists to get rid of the blood from the meat tissue. To stay alive brain needs oxygen in the form of blood, but since the bleeding is draining it, the body convulsion takes place to replenish the supply till animal succumbs to the procedure. One should be mindful that in Jewish system of slaughtering called Shechita which make meat Kosher exactly the same procedure of cutting the throat and letting the animal bleed has been in vogue for centuries.

Basic tenet of Islam is that a Muslim would begin every action in life, be it drinking water, eating food, putting clothes on, stepping out of the house, picking up a book and even commencing conjugal rights with a phrase which as translated means ” I begin in the name of Allah “. Therefore , it is stated in Chapter 6:118 in relation to consuming foods,
6_118 (1)“therefore, eat of that on which Allah’s name has been mentioned if you are believers in His communications”

Reciting these words is mandatory and important that it is mentioned in the following verse (Chapter 6:119) that
6_119“and what reason have you that you should not eat of that on which Allah’s name has been mentioned and, He has already made plain to you what He has forbidden to you”

This is the reason for Halal purposes, a sane Muslim slaughterer (male or female) must do the rendition of Shahada at the time of slaughtering

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