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The word and concept of Halal is usually understood to be related to meat and poultry and, that as well in terms only of the way slaughtering is done. Whereas this word in Arabic and Qura’nic terms is to signify what is permissible and allowed to do in every day life and, in relation to foods what is to be consumed for sustenance and nourishment. Should something or any item be not Halal or permissible opposite word Haram is used, denoting that such item or deed is proscribed.

We Muslims, through out the globe have scores of organisations and committees that validate, certify and attest the procedures of slaughtering and, for foodstuffs ingredients and constituents of foods together with manufacturing plant/s are approved for feasibility of production for general contentment or acceptance. Generally authenticating establishments facilitate usage of their logo on approved products for easy choices.

Since a few of the authenticating establishments tend to exclude and condone usage of modern science and technology in slaughtering and food preparation and processing; it becomes more of an issue and contradiction of compliance of religious criteria for halal. It is always more than obvious that Muslim scripture the Qur’an is complete science and for that matter more than human and environmentally friendly. Some religious experts tend to not to equate religious dictum with science and, moreover do not endeavour to research for amicable resolve. For example “riba” is haram, but there is hardly any financial deal in the world which is proven to be uninvolved in logical terms. Because there is no alternative at hand, and almost all financial transactions have perceptible and hidden colour of interest receivable and payable. Manifestly the situation is made acceptable by deviating terms and conditional phrases.

No dissimilar situation is instituted in slaughtering for Halal purposes. Science and technology is readily concurred with for expedience of process for Zibah (Islamic way of slaughtering permissible animals or birds) procedures by hanging chicken upside down on a speed line, but controlled immobilisation is questioned.

Muslim food out-lets and restaurants, and in the UK survey shows about 95-97%, serve alcohol and, the menus indicate that either they are fully licensed to sell or/and they have corkage system whence the consumer brings a bottle and they carafe it. Could their earnings be Halal and acceptable? Would Muslims still cherish to drink their water or juices from the same glasses even though these would be purported to be cleansed? Why does it only suffice to believe and not conform to given standards and axiom? Why is it that our learned Ulamas are not in their sermons elucidating the religious injunctions of such breaches?

Interesting to note that a great majority of male Muslims (from many a continents), though required to pay meher to the would be wife at the time of nikah or prior to consuming marriage, do not discharge this debt thinking that a gift given on the nuptial sojourn is sufficient. This is an issue that has to be addressed in the light of the Qur’anic ethos and not left to the cultural and regional understanding.

These are just a few issues and , there are host of more topics that matter to the Muslim life. By listing and discussing the exegesis, annotation and presenting a mutually accepted resolve this website wishes to explore, research , advise and implore to the Muslim community to adhere to and to concur with the Qura’nic injunctions and the Sunnah. Enabling themselves to be enlightened with Islamic dietary rules and the injunctions in other matters of daily life

The anchor person of this company Masood Khawaja ,apart from being in the food trade for around forty years, was for nearly a score of years president and chief executive officer of a pioneering organisation engaged in endorsing Halal meat, poultry and foodstuffs nationally internationally. Needless to say that Mr Khawaja initiated to make halal a buzz word both for the industry and trade the Muslim consumers in general. However, because of restrictive covenant of the then operator he could only speak during his tenure about relevant food matters; he is now after taking retirement at liberty to concentrate on holistic usage of word Halal and impart all the benefits of Islamic ethos to the community at large. The company also has a renowned freelance Muslim Scholar, who is well known globally, as a Sharia advisor and a patron.

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