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Appointment of Food Scientist

It is a great pleasure to announce that Halal Consultations have acquired services of Mr Mataan Noh, an internationally renowned Food Technologist and Meat Inspector. Mr Noh is a qualified food safety and hygiene trainer. He is a licensed meat training instructor and an approved auditor of food safety and religious suitability.

Mr Noh has over the past many years worked with several European food accrediting organisations at senior levels. He is also Chairman of a mosque committee in West London and, a sought after speaker on various religious and Islamic topics.


The anchor person of this company Masood Khawaja ,apart from being in the food trade for around forty years, was for nearly a score of years president and chief executive officer of a pioneering organisation engaged in endorsing Halal meat, poultry and foodstuffs nationally internationally. However, because of restrictive covenant of the operator he could only speak during his tenure about relevant food matters; he is now after taking retirement at liberty to concentrate on holistic usage of word Halal and impart all the benefits of Islamic ethos to the community at large. The company also has a renowned freelance Muslim Scholar, who is well known globally, as an advisor and a patron.