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Kosher is the meat and food that is permissible for the Jewish community. To make meat kosher it is slaughtered in a specific way which is called Shechita. Thus Kosher is for Jewish faith like Halal is for the Muslims and, the way meat is slaughtered is known as Shechita , and Muslim would describe their slaughtering method as Zibah or dhibh.

Shechita slaughtering is done under the supervision of Rabbi whilst the Shochet does the slaughtering by reading the blessing, which is to the effect ” blessed are You , our God, Sovereign of the universe, Who has commanded us regarding shchitah ”

The Shochet, one who performs Shechita studies for many years animal anatomy, animal welfare and is licensed by both a Local Authority and by the Rabbinical Commission for Licensing of Shochetim. Every Shochet is licensed by the Commission on renewable basis.

For Muslims Kosher meat and foods prepared by orthodox Jewish system is permissible (Halal), as it is mentioned in the Qur’an unambiguously in a crystal clear way in the first part of Chapter 5:5 that:

“this day (all) the Tayyab (good and pure) things are allowed to you , and the food of those who have been given the Book as lawful to you and, your food is lawful to them”

One would argue that the reason we would not cherish the idea of even to mention to eat from Christian fraternity, though they are also holder of the Book, as unlike orthodox Jewish establishments they will have pork or porcine substances. Although they fully adhere to food safety and hygiene rules.

Some have as a criticism pointed out that Kosher is prepared without rendition of invoking Allah’s name ; firstly it is untrue as it is affirmed above that “sovereign God is mentioned ” and, secondly Judaism is a religion of the People of the Book and thirdly, we are reminded by a Hadith in Al – Bukhari which is narrated by the beloved wife of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbh) Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa that” if we are not sure that Allah’s name is mentioned or not , then we have to say – Bismillah – and then eat “.

Additionally it should be understood that Halal Consultations always draws attention whilst accrediting Kosher meat and foods that if the same or similar cuisine would be available in Halal ( prepared under Zibah rules ) we would duly recommend it.

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