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In this modern age of science and technology the consumers have been blessed to obtain foodstuffs and their ingredients and additives from far flung countries. And since majority of procurers, processors and manufacturers are of other than Muslim faith. it is imperative and momentous to ensure for foodstuffs that ingredients and constituents are permissible for usage and, the premises together with machinery of the processing plants are suitable for Halal production. Because of advantageous system of import export of global trade items, it would be surprising not to appreciate that one finished recipe of a partial food menu could be not only from various countries but several continents! For these reasons Muslims in an obligatory way require authentication of meat, poultry slaughtering methods and validity of processed foods together with ingredients to be permissible for consumption.


Nearly all food items, regardless of in which region or country they are processed, either contain meat and poultry and additionally natural or combination of chemically put together ingredients, additive, emulsifiers along with fats and spices and that together with blending, cooking, labelling and storage thereof has to be stringently audited, inspected and endorsed for Halal validation. Halal Consultations undertakes that with contractual modus operandi of inflexible audits, inspections and wherever needed by imparting training, in hygiene, food and meat safety with an emphasis on environmental health.


  • Muslim Population

With the increasing population of Muslims in the UK and around the world, we always welcome our sister-organisations who are assiduously engaged in affirming the Halal status with individual emblems of assurance. Hence to have mutual recognition, coordination, harmony and compatibility of various schools of thoughts, we chose to become members of several likeminded establishments.


  • Auditors and Food Scientists 

To ensure that the Standards, criteria and operational needs are met, we in Halal Consultations have team of personnel to oversee a smoothly run operation to ascertain that the trade has accessible guidelines to carry out what is required and the Muslim consumers at large have the affirmation that a conscientious team has verified Halal status of products in conformity to Islamic dietary rules with zeal and aplomb.


  • Board-of Muslim Scholars and Ulama

In order to have constant and continued guidance on shari’ah and Islamic dietary Issues Halal Consultations has a Board of Ulama whose counsel in our total responsible functional activities is always of paramount importance. Their valuable input are the basis of our conclusive significant modus operandi of finalisation of Halal validation of meat and foods together with providing questioners appropriate rejoinders on Islamic jurisprudential issues.

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