Board-of Scholars and Ulama

In order to have constant and continued guidance on shari’ah and Islamic dietary Issues Halal Consultations has a Board of Ulama whose counsel in our total responsible functional activities is always of paramount importance. Their valuable input are the basis of our conclusive significant modus operandi of finalisation of Halal validation of meat and foods together with providing questioners appropriate rejoinders on Islamic jurisprudential issues.

Our Scholars and Ulama

Shaikh Dr Abdul Majid Ali, Dr Mohamed Khalid, Hafiz Sajid Ali Ghori

Our Board of Shari’ah advisors regularly counsel us on issues of modern day of living; and matters that concern Muslims everyday in their lives in the light of Qur’anic injunctions and Islamic jurisprudence together with understanding of scientific  and technological developments in meat and poultry slaughtering and processing of foodstuffs generally consumed under Halal label.

We are positive that his counsel and guidance would enhance the Standards and operation of Halal Consultations both in accrediting meat, poultry and food stuffs and also to ensure that the organisation always upholds Islamic dietary ethos and principles.

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