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Mechanical killing is a term that denotes that in poultry slaughterhouses which are fully mechanised, slaughtering is carried out by a fixed rotating blade. Throats are cuts by the blade without severing the spinal cord and for Zibah rule compliance licensed Muslim slaughterers are standing at the station doing the rendition of Shahada and Tasmiya with admissible parity to the speed of the line. And if a chicken is found on conveyer with out slit in the throat slaughterer would before the bird reaches the bleeding area slaughter it by hand with full rituals. Yes, it is preferable to have all the flock hand cut, as it would have been in non-mechanised plants, this method with the expediency of machines is viable and operable within the tenets of the Islamic dietary rules. It goes without saying that these days chicken are hatched by scientific methods influencing speedy growth and, then hung upside down shackling legs for slaughtering; without blinking an eye to say that technology is being used, science is being applied!! All the certifier of Halal has to ensure for mechanised killing is that that the bird is not decapitated (or dead), words of Shahada are recited, as required, and animal welfare rules are adhered to.

It is imperative to note here that up to a little while ago many a endorsing bodies did frown upon and disapproved with a scowl pre-stunning of birds and animals and the same organisations are now manifestly sanctioning it placidly and openly. The day is not very far whence sanity will prevail. True it is that slaughtering of animals is directed in the Qur’an and birds butchery is followed from Ahadiths (saying of the Prophet) and, the above procedures as concurred by Halal Consultations are in precise compliance of both

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