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Pork and pork fat or porcine substances are much more in use in the Western hemisphere and, questions are frequently asked that why Muslims always do abstain from touching or eating Pork. Firstly there are other People of the Book those who do not consume pork. And secondly it is categorically mentioned in the Qur’an in Chapter 2:173 :

” He (Allah) has only forbidden you …. …. flesh of swine … “

And in Chapter 5:4 once again it is affirmed that:

Forbidden to you is …. …. flesh of swine …. …”

Now, since flesh is proscribed and flesh is joined to muscles, fat and the bones so, therefore, it follows that the whole lot of this animal’s parts are not to be consumed. Henceforth Muslims should always be conscious and abstain from buying and using items like, shoes, belts and wallets that are made from pig’s hide.

Mr Masood Khawaja, director of Halal Consultations years ago coined a phrase which has become a novel way of explaining to non-Muslims, who are unaware of religious ethics and ethos, why Muslims must abstain from consuming pork. And that is ” pork is like an allergen to Muslims”. We all know that no one ever asks people who have an allergy of some kind for the reasoning, why?

Questions are asked about synthetic produce like pork flavourings , as some flavourings are simply a combination of chemicals. The answer to that is somewhat simple,” if it looks like it, smells like it, tastes like it and has texture like it, then it is no different to the real thing (the pork) and then it would be not be permissible for Muslims.

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