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This word is often used in connection with pre-slaughtering devise and has become a source of division in sanctioning of halal slaughtering process. As we are frequently making use of ” science and technology “in nearly all necessities and activities of our lives, it becomes imperative that we learn more about it. Stun means to astonish, it means to make numb, frighten or scare or make one tremble. Technically here it is to make numb. Stunning for pre-slaughtering purposes is of three types:

  1. Captive Bolt, which is used for cattle. This is not allowed by Halal Consultations as it pierces the brain and would make the animal brain dead and, dead animal can not and should not be slaughtered for Halal consumption
  2. Gas , it is so far used for pigs only and, there are on going researches to ascertain the feasibility of it’s usage with right combination of inert gases for Halal purposes.
  3. Electric Stunning; This is of two variations,
  • one is called dry tong, as used on ovine animals and the other is known as
  • ‘water-bath stunning’ and , this is used for poultry.

Halal Consultations in line with majority of global halal accreditation and endorsement establishments concurs with “electric stunning” of both types; with a proviso that the bird/animal does not die prior to slaughtering. It should be used to control and for safety of both the animal and the slaughterer, since we are using mechanised plants and hanging, say, chicken upside down in parity of the speed of the conveyer line. Analogy can be given for the strength of the electric current for this approved method to, to the dimmer switch on the wall which is not only controlled , it is there to ascertain and ensure that the bird/ the animal does not succumb to it. And observation proves that

We can and should always make science and technology subservient to Islamic injunctions, ethics and ethos and never the other way round.

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