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Who we are

Alhamdulillah, Halal Consultations was established to broaden and magnify the significance of compliance of shari’ah in every issue and aspect of a Muslims’ worldly life. For example, birth death and marriages, inheritance, Halal foods, intensive farming and usage of science and technology in procurement of Halal sustenance and nourishment. Our panel of religious and other expertise would do cognitive analytical deliberations writing and speeches on above topics and more, with the exception of finances.

Audit & Inspection

Where necessary we are carrying out, by popular demand, accreditation of Halal meat, poultry and foodstuffs with contractual audits, inspections and checking the suitability of the premises for the required purposes prior to issuing time-controlled status and validity certificates. In food processing there are set of stringent checks on ingredients, additives, quality management systems, production and packaging.

We envisage that Muslims should always take advantage of the science and technology in many a procurement and accomplishment in necessities of daily life; as long as sciences remain subservient to the Islamic tenets and ethos.

Our Modus Operandi

These particular principles and axiom reflect in our modus operandi, criteria and Standards of Halal accreditation of meat, poultry and foods. Our guidelines are to accept poultry and fish from intensive farming for human consumption and to use slight electrical stunning at poultry slaughtering point, with the proviso that birds do not die prior to slaughtering. Whilst fixed blade machine slaughtering in poultry slaughter houses is approved; we ensure that there are Licensed Muslim slaughterers at the slaughtering stations doing the rendition of Shahadah nearest to the parity of the speed of the slaughtering line.

For ovine slaughtering minuscule pre- electrical stunning is accepted, but for bovine slaughtering, captive bolt is not allowed.

Approved and Certified By Us

Quotes from Quran


As a Muslims, it is our duty to consume Halal food while in the Holy Qur’an it has been stressed heavily on eating of food which fulfils certain criteria eligible to be permissible and Halal.


  • Assurance that meat, poultry, and foodstuffs displaying Halal Consultations logo and symbol have been checked, audited and approved for Muslim consumption.
  • Assurance that both Islamic Laws and the relevant EU regulations are contractually adhered to.
  • Assurance that even whence meat & food are produced by scientific and technological expediency that Islamic Dietary Rules are not compromised.


  • Assurance that audits are done by expert auditors / inspectors and meat, food and packaging premises are operating under food safety and hygiene rules.
  • Assurance that can facilitate your trade of your products to over 70 million Halal consumers in Europe and over 1.8 billion globally.